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Assessment Only Route to Qualified Teacher Status

In order to be considered for the Assessment Only Route to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) candidates must meet the following entry criteria :

  • GCSE Standard Equivalent
    • all candidates must have achieved a standard equivalent to a grade 4 (C) in GCSE English and mathematics
    • for those who intend to teach pupils aged 3 - 11 they must additionally have achieved a standard equivalent to a grade 4 (C) in a GCSE science subject
    • Any candidate who has overseas qualifications must obtain a NARIC statement
    • Candidates who do not hold a grade 4 (C) GCSE English and Mathematics must take an equivalency test prior to starting the route
  • Degree
    • all candidates must hold a first degree (preferably 2:2 or above) or equivalent qualification granted by a United Kingdom institution or an equivalent degree or other qualification granted by a foreign institution
    • Candidates who hold a degree from an overseas university must obtain a NARIC certificate and a degree transcript
  • Suitability
    • As part of the selection process, candidates will be assessed for their suitability to teach and their ability to demonstrate meeting all of the Teachers' Standards without the need for any further training
    • All candidates must pass a fitness to teach questionnaire
    • All candidates must provide evidence of a DBS clearance (Disclosure and Barring Service)
  • Professsional Skills Tests
    • All candidates must pass the Professional skills tests in numeracy and literacy (if entry date is before April 2020).
  • School teaching experience
    • All candidates must have taught in at least two schools, early years or further education settings for a minumum period of two full years across a specified age phase:-
      • Ages 3 - 11 (Primary)
      • Ages 7 - 14 (Middle)
      • Ages 11 - 19 (secondary)
    • All candidates must have teaching experience of both age ranges within the chosen age phase with evidence to support this.
    • All candidates will need to have had full teaching responsibility for those classes including planning, monitoring and assessment
    • Overseas employment may be eligible, but work as a TA, Supply Teacher or experience as part of another training course is not deemed to be sufficient
  • Assessment
    • Candidates will be assessed on their practical teaching in a school (or early years or further education setting)
    • The assessement period typically does not last longer than 12 weeks from the registration start date
    •  Candidates can be employed in one of our existing partner schools or within a school whom is willing to establish a one-off partnership to support an individuals application.  The school will need to fully support the route, which includes providing a mentor, professional tutor and allowing the candidate's timetable to be equivalent to that of an NQT