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Statement of Excellence

Thamesmead SCITT is a teacher training partnership that strives for excellence in all areas and works to provide our trainees with the opportunity to develop into reflective and innovative practitioners. The foundations of the partnership are based on four core ‘principles of excellence’:

  • Principle 1: To provide teachers at the start of their careers with challenging and meaningful training experiences which will provide them with high level skills, knowledge and understanding required to teach young people in the 21st century.
  • Principle 2: To build and sustain lasting and enriching partnerships with schools, other Surrey SCITTs and HEI partners to share best practice and meet local recruitment demands.
  • Principle 3: To continue to support and work with teachers trained by the partnership through their transition into NQT and NQT +1 based on the notion of ‘Leadership at all Levels’.
  • Principle 4: To extend the principles of ‘Leadership at all Levels’ to mentors and school co-ordinators to ensure that CPD opportunities are made available to them to develop and enhance their mentoring and coaching skills.